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My Friends are Such Characters

I've been meaning to paint a few portraits of my friends in watercolors, but I admit to anxiety over the whole thing. It has been ten years since I did watercolors and I was afraid to even start. I'd discover I suck (or that it would take me years to get back to the level I was once at.) So I stalled. I wanted them to be great and if they weren't I'd get depressed. So I didn't paint and got depressed. Art can be a vicious cycle. No wonder Van Gogh took a ear off from painting.

I wanted to make my artist buddy Kerry something special (her nick name is Kerry Berry and she loves Pooh bear.) So I made a painting of her as Kerry Beary to show her I was worthy of painting and sketching with her talented self.

Before I showed it to Kerry I ask others what they thought of my first watercolor in a decade. They all wanted me to paint them as a cartoon too. Well that was a good sign that it wasn’t crap. I was surprised at how many people got into the goofy spirit of it all. It is also amazing how much they look like the cartoon they wanted me to use. The paintings capture their spirit. But then I knew everyone I loved was Loony Toons. Maybe Rembrandt isn't the greatest portrait painter. Maybe it was Chuck Jones all along. Art took a wrong turn at Albuquerque when it became too serious. Humor is a knife that cuts to the truth -- and makes snot come out of your nose.

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 When I was a kid, I didn't read comics. I wasn't into Superman or Spiderman. I loved Shakespeare, Poe and Vincent Van Gogh. Yeah, I was a strange kid. I still am. I just haven't lost my child like enthusiasm in the presence of my heroes.

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The Last Train

I'd like to completely ruin four songs for you. May I? The next time you hear them, an image (you didn't want or ask for) will appear in your head. It will burrow into your brain like a earwig -- it may drive you crazy. Or at least make you think.


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Hi, I'm Vincent Blackwood. I am a junkie.

(Hi, Vincent!)

Yep. I've got a monkey on my back. It could climb the empire state and knock a train off its track. This addiction started so simply -- so innocently.

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So You Want to Be A Rock and Roll Star?

A Worm's Eye View on How Records Are Made Today.

You record a CD, the next day it comes out and is a massive hit. You start living large until you are impossible to take and kill yourself because no one understands you. It's the American success story we all long for. Well, that's how it goes in the movies and a very special episode of "The Partridge Family".

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Things (and People) to Do Before I Die


My buddy of 28 years is crossing two items off her "Things to do before I die" list. Grand. I feel so happy for her. Bitch. Ooops. Hugs and kisses, Jeanne. You know I get so that way when I get jealous. I guess it's the mean little girl in me. Sorry. A thousand pardons, Kitten.

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What Kind of Girl Do YOU Think I Am?

Kerry asked me to pick a quiz on Facebook that we could both take.  I looked at (and rejected) what kind of underwear should I, as a girl,  be wearing. Everyone knows I'm the thong type.  The "IQ Quiz" would probably be all those damn story questions.  "If two monkeys were driving trains from Minneapolis and Denver, how many Junior Mints would they eat before they crashed and burn?"  I suck at those quizzes and would score lower than Lilly Allen after six vodkas.  Whatever!

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This is a blog about music and questions. I cover my ass that way when I get off topic -- I always get off topic. I write about music that you probably don't know but should. I write about music that moves me deeply and I can't wait to tell everyone. The world is missing something and what a shame. I may have something else planned, but screw it. I just heard this song and I'm am crazy about it and must tell the world. Or the few people that read my blog.

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Lover, Artist and Madman

Sometimes, I am watching someone else's life. We round the corner and there I am. I'm surprised to see me there looking rather foolish and laugh in my face. Turning, I see myself again. It is like a mirror has shattered and I'm everywhere I look. And that really isn't a good thing.

I have only heard a few songs by the Pindrop Symphony (Lauren Benedum). They are raw and immediate like someone alone in the dark at 2 AM. Someone who can't sleep and just has to get it out of their system. Grabbing a piece of paper they sit in the dark writing down what is tearing them apart. I've done that, so has Lauren and here it is. I hope this isn't just a demo but the finished work. One more note would ruin this delicate, barbed wire construction. It is a perfect expression of burnt out obsession. What is left when love is gone but its shadow hasn't.